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A Passionate, Cutting-edge Jazz Group

Based in Bloomington, IN, Crossroads Quintet is a professional Jazz Collective that is working together to create a contemporary, boundary-stretching sound while simultaneously preserving the culturally rooted music that has preceded them. Perfecting their technical abilities and unique sound, Crossroads Quintet has put together an unforgettable group of musicians whose unique style and friendly demeanor captivates audiences at each venue. Get in touch to learn more about their musical expertise, repertoire, and performance rates.

Why are we "Crossroads"? The official motto of the state of Indiana is the, "Crossroads of America." We met in this state, and simultaneously crossing each others musical journeys. Each member is from a different part of the world, (Wisconsin, Arizona, Washington, Texas and Australia), and this band is a celebration of our individual and collective musical, personal, and shared experiences culminating in meaningful, and honest music. 



Want to learn more about Crossroads Quintet, book the band, and/or their tour dates? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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